My Word for 2019 || Enjoy


In the beginning of November I started praying about what my focus for 2019 should be. I always love choosing a word that I feel in my heart will represent that focus for the year. As I sought out what it should be I kept thinking it was going to be growth oriented. I am a seer. My specific giftings and natural entrepreneurial personality often tends to want to push, push, push to the next stage. I have the ability to see ahead through the lens of how things can/should be, and love strategizing with God to make things happen 💪🏻. 

As I prayed about my word I kept hearing it from many different places...the word ENJOY. And something just clicked. Rather than racing towards a new goal without stopping to savor life in the process, I could hear so clearly that God wants me to receive the gift of everyday enjoyment—a calm delight. 

I have to say, I am SO excited to make this my heart focus for the year! Instead of looking at all I haven’t achieved with my bakery business yet? No. I will enjoy all that we have accomplished! Looking at where I lack as a momma? No. I will enjoy my children while they are this little and precious 🥰. Repeatedly looking at my flaws? No. Not this year. This year I will ENJOY every. Single. Blessing. 

So I’m going to try to document something I enjoyed for the day every single day of 2019. Tonight I ENJOYED a home cooked meal with my beautiful family. I love to cook for my family! And if I don’t document something every single day because I’m too busy enjoying my life, that’s just fine with me. Happy new year! #willfam2019 #enjoy 1|365

Keep it fun, keep it simple :-)